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About WESS

Marine & Rebecca

Wess it’s us two : Marine & Rebecca.

We met in London, where we lived for a few years, sharing a house and enjoying life ! Our awareness of the world that surrounds us started to grow whilst we were there, with a strong willingness to act to make it a better place. Then there was no going back : we left our jobs and decided to create Wess. 

We became more and more aware of the world that surrounds us, in particular, all the social and ecological problems. We started to make few changes ourselves. We were already recycling of course, but we decided to give up on meat, to consume local food, to give up on plastic bottles as much as possible, to buy reusable make-up remover pads and so on, all these tiny things that felt like we were at least doing something. Then we discovered that the fashion industry was the second most polluting industry in the world.

For us, fashion addicts, that came as a big shock !

The concept of

capsule wardrobes

We decided to do something to make our wardrobes greener but still stylish. We’ve discovered the concept of capsule wardrobes at this time and decided to build one for ourselves. That’s when we discovered this amazing concept. So practical, economical and yet you always feel well dressed !

After a while we decided that this concept was too good to not share it with a lot of other women, who like us, want to make their everyday life chic and green 😉

We realise it would be so cool to be able to buy versatile clothes that you could play with to create a lot of different options ! Kind of the perfect carry on luggage with a very small amount of clothes that could last you for weeks.  And that’s how Wess was born (after 2 gin tonics if you must know everything 😉 )!

And that’s when…

Wess was born !

There was no going back : we left our jobs, moved back to France and  officially launched Wess.

Wess means : my Wardrobe Ethical, Sustainable and Stylish and it kind of summarise it really 🙂

Our goal is to help women be their most confident and stylish self by creating clothes that they will love for now and for years.

Concretely, we create every season the perfect capsule wardrobe made from stylish, yet wearable pieces of apparel. And twice a year, we invite our community to help us co-create wardrobe basics (The perfect jacket, the perfect jumper, dress …)

And of course all these clothes are ethical and sustainable !