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What’s a capsule wardrobe ?

A capsule wardrobe is a mini-collection of versatile clothes, bags and shoes that can easily be mixed & matched to create a lot of different outfits.  

A capsule wardrobe is seasonal and provides you with enough combinations to keep you going for at least 3 months, so basically a whole season worth of clothes !

People turn to capsule wardrobes for different reasons :


As a lot of people know now, the fashion industry is an ecological disaster. A big part of that is over consumption. With some brands launching up to 60 mini collections per year and people buying stuff that will sleep in their wardrobe without even being worn once sometimes. We all have been guilty of shopping excess, going out of stores with way too many bags of disposable clothing and shoes. But a capsule wardrobe allows you to only select few pieces of apparel, shoes and bags per season and to not shop at all in between season. And when you do shop you have to think thoughtfully about what you buy : if you will love this piece for years, if it will be a good asset to your capsule wardrobe, if you will be able to wear it on multiple occasions …

Too many questions for just a quick shopping fix !


A capsule wardrobe is economical. You buy less, only shopping when you build your capsule wardrobe every season and less and less when you already have a base for each season. Of course, the pieces you buy are a bit more expensive sometimes as you only go for quality (fabrics, cuts, the people who have spend time on your product…) But, for instance, when you choose to buy one quality white tee instead of 5 cheap ones, you save money. Plus in term of cost per wear you also win. As your product have a high quality you can wear them way more often than cheap items.


Absolutely, you can forget about the « I have nothing to wear feeling ». Dressing in the morning become quite fun.

Some days you can feel adventurous and experiment with all the options your capsule wardrobe offers you. Some day when you feel quite lazy or you are just in a rush and you can just pick a top and a bottom with close eyes, you know that they will match style and color-wise. To all the busy mamas out there that have to take care to dress other people, this one is for you 😉



Yes, contrary to what we could think a capsule wardrobe allows you to find your “uniform” the few pieces of clothes that make you feel good and confident. When you only have pieces that you like and that you know fit you perfectly, it gives you the space to be creative with your wardrobe. Plus as you only have a small amount of clothes, you can see them all at the 1st glance, making combination in your mind become a child’s play !

To summarize you get more with buying less ! So ready to say goodbye to fast fashion ? We know we are 🙂