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Our 4 pillars



This aspect is very important to us !

All our clothes are designed to be the most versatile possible and to be worn in a lot of different ways. But also to be suitable for different body types ! They are stylish but they are not following the most ephemeral trends. We want you to want to give them to your grandchildren someday, just as our nanas did 😉



Today, the fashion industry has disastrous consequences on human lives : underpay workers, horrendous working conditions, lack of security…and all of this to support the hectic rhythm of fast fashion.  

For us, it is essential to ensure that every single person involved in the process of making our clothe has been fairly paid and has worked in decent conditions. We want to support Human lives through our project. Therefore we go further than just that ! We work with a women cooperative in Mumbai that use fashion as a mean to transform the life of women from the slung areas of Mumbai. From health to childcare, financial independence … Click here to know everything about the factory we work with : Creative Handicrafts. And of course they are labelled Fairtrade by Max Havelaar ( and GOTS (



We only design clothes made from the most sustainable fabric : organic cotton labelled GOTS, Tencel, recycled materials. It is really not easy ! We want to use materials that have the lowest impact on the ecology as possible but still are beautiful and will make our clothes stand out. It takes times, a lot of work with very talented people but we believe that we manage to offer you the perfect mix between sustainable and fashion !

Also thanks to our designs not following trends we make sure that our clothes are always relevant and that people will want to wear them season after season.



Uhm uhm this one is a bit of a controversial one ! But yes we are a vegan brand. You will not find any clothes that contains animal products (no leather, no wool, no silk and so on).

First we were sure that we didn’t want to use leather. For ethical reasons : the way the animals are treated but also, less known, the way the humans working in this industry are often treated. Plus after all you kill animals for fashion (even though sometimes, leather is a byproduct of the meat industry)

Then we thought about wool. We have read a lot of literature on this one and decided to leave wool aside from our collections as well. Indeed, we often think that sheeps just live a happy life and are shaved from time to time to make our jumpers. It is more often than not absolutely far from reality. The wool industry is a cruel one that we don’t want to support at any cost.

And then learning more and more and doing our research, we have finally decided to say no to any animal product. And it is great, it has made us discover a lot of sustainable and very qualitative alternatives !