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Wess is an ethical, sustainable and vegan women fashion brand.
We design capsule wardrobes : 5 pieces of clothing that create more than 30 outfits.

What’s a capsule wardrobe you ask ?


It’s a mini-collection of versatile clothes that can easily be mixed & matched to create a lot of different outfits options.  A capsule wardrobe provides you enough combinations to keep you going for at least 3 months, so basically a whole season worth of clothes!

You get more with buying less !  

Absolutely ! You can forget about the “I have nothing to wear feeling”. Dressing in the morning become quite fun when you have a capsule wardrobe ! It’s also the best option for the planet (and for your wallet). So goodbye fast fashion !


We all are more and more aware of the disastrous consequences that the fashion industry has on the planet. As well as encouraging modern slavery, it is the second most polluting industry in the world ! One of the main reason behind that is overconsumption. And that’s the challenge we have chosen to tackle.
All our clothes are ethically made and produced in the most sustainable way. And what we strongly promote is the concept of versatility. 
How ? By designing versatile wardrobe staples that can be worn in a lot of different ways ! We also love to give advices on all the possible outfits we can create with our clothes so you can always be stylish in the most sustainable way 😉

We base our company on 4 core values that are absolutely non negotiable and that lead every steps we take :


This aspect is very important to us !
All our clothes are designed to be the most versatile possible and to be worn in a lot of different ways. But also to be suitable for different body types ! They are stylish but they are not following the most ephemeral trends.


Today, the fashion industry has disastrous consequences on human lives : underpay workers, horrendous working conditions, lack of security…and all of this to support the hectic rhythm of fast fashion.  

For us, it is essential to ensure that every single person involved in the process of making a piece of clothes has been fairly paid and has worked in decent conditions. We want to support Human lives through our project. Therefore we work very closely with factory that are labelled Fairtrade by Max Havelaar and Fairwear Foundation. 



We only design clothes made from the most sustainable fabric : organic cotton labelled GOTS or recylced materials.

Also thanks to our designs not following trends we make sure that our clothes are always relevant and that people will not want to throw them away after a season or two. 



None of our clothes contain products of animal origin (no leather, no silk, no wool..). For many ethical and eco-friendly reasons that we will soon explain in a blog article in english. 

How did we start Wess ?

You have probably heard of the Colibri legend often told by Pierre Rahbi ? 

One day a terrible fire broke out in a forest. Frightened, all the animals fled their homes, feeling helpless, except for one little hummingbird. The hummingbird swooped into the stream for a few drops of water and went back to the forest to put out the fire. Then it went back to the stream again, again, again and again. 

All the other animals watched in disbelief: “Your wings will burn, your beak is too small, and one drop at a time you’ll never put out the fire!” 

The hummingbird, without skipping a beat, looked back and said, “I am doing what I can.”

And that summarizes exactly want we want to do with Wess : doing what we can. We want to be part of this big change and build a new dynamic where it is no longer tolerated to abuseviley use people and the planet for fashion. Or any other industry for that matter.

About us

Wess it’s us two : Marine & Rebecca. We met in London where we lived a few years, sharing a house and enjoying life ! Our awareness of the world that surrounds us started to grow whilst we were there, with a strong willingness to act to make it a better place. Then there was no going back : we left our jobs and decided to create Wess. 

Our little company was born in two steps.
First, we found out about the concept of capsule wardrobe and the benefits it may have on people’s life and on the environment. Then, trying to build our own capsule wardrobe, we spent hours searching the web for clothes that were ethical but also stylish and affordable. We realise it would be so cool to buy versatile clothes that you could play with to create a lot of different options ! Kind of the perfect carry on luggage with a very small amount of clothes that could last you for weeks.  And that’s how Wess was born !

We also develop content to help women optimize their wardrobe via video and blog content. Our objective is to promote the concept of minimalism consumption through the capsule wardrobe and make it accessible to as many women as possible !

We design every season, 5 pieces of versatile clothes that can be mix & match together to create many outfits. 
We also develop content that helps women optimize their wardrobe via video and blog content. Our objective is to promote the concept of minimalism consumption through the concept of capsule wardrobe and make it accessible to as many women as possible !
And of course, all the clothes we design are ethical and sustainable – more info here. 
It’s also worth adding that we are two very good friends and that we love what we are doing ! 
Behind your screen there are the two of us, but also a whole bunch of people who are working with us ! First there’s Chloé, our digital marketing officer, Melanie our modelist, our lovely interns, our mentors at the Manufactory Incubator and of course, all the people who support us along the way ! And lets not forget out first clients who trusted us 🙂